Are MyPizza ovens portable?

MyPizza oven only weighs 10 kg, so you can easily take it with you when you go camping, or to the beach, or to a picnic – wherever!

What can be made in a MyPizza oven?

It only takes a few minutes to make perfectly crunchy pizzas in a MyPizza oven. It is also great for cooking fish, meat, flatbreads or desserts. In a MyPizza oven, you can bake anything that requires a high baking temperature. Ideas for using MyPizza on the recipe page.

Which pellets are suitable to use with a MyPizza oven?

Only pellets suitable for cooking must be used in a MyPizza oven (quality category 1, EN code A1). The Finnish MyPizza-pellets have been specifically designed for cooking. Pellets must be kept in a dry and warm indoor room. Damp pellets will not burn properly and the fire can go out.

Is there a baking stone in a MyPizza oven?

MyPizza Baking Stone is made from Finnish soapstone. Thanks to this material, your pizzas will have a similar, deliciously crunchy base like those made in a genuine Italian stone oven.

How quickly is a MyPizza oven ready for use?

MyPizza oven reaches the ideal baking temperature in about 25 minutes.

Can I bake frozen pizzas in a MyPizza oven?

Sometimes, you just feel like having frozen food. MyPizza ovens can also be used to bake frozen products, for example frozen flatbreads or frozen pizzas. In this case, remember to defrost the product before baking so that it would be fully cooked. We recommend making pizzas from scratch – it’s really worth it! You can find easy and delicious pizza recipes on MyPizza’s recipe page.

How do I look after a MyPizza oven?

Your MyPizza oven should be cleaned after every use, once it has cooled down. The ash is emptied from the grate, and the grate vents are cleaned. The baking stone can be removed from the oven completely so it can be also easily cleaned.

What is included in a MyPizza package?

When you order a MyPizza oven you will get a pellet-fired pizza oven with a soapstone baking stone. The package also contains a MyPizza Paddle along with assembly instructions, instructions for use, and pizza baking tips.

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